A Feast of Divine Proportions

September 12, 1509









Art Nouveau

Any who can follow the Baronial Champion’s Agreement below and wishes to may enter the Baronial A&S Championship. This year’s theme is “Art Nouveau” – everyone is a novice at something. We wish to see the enthusiasm, the creativity, and, yes, the mistakes, that come from learning something new. Therefore, all entrants are encouraged to submit entries that are new to them – a technique you’ve never used before, a medium you’ve never quite managed to work, a project you’ve started and stopped a dozen times.

Carolingian Baronial Champion’s Agreement

1. I consider myself to be a Carolingian, hold no office or position in any other barony or shire that divides my loyalties as a champion of Carolingia, and actively participate in Carolingian activities.


2. It is understood that I may have personal fealty to individuals and to the crowns of the East in addition to my loyalties to Carolingia, and that I will resolve any potential conflicts of these fealties in a way consistent with my personal honor.


3. During my term I have the duty to defend and serve the Baron and the Barony of Carolingia, which I will do to the best of my ability.


4. I will make every effort to attend Carolingian court and to represent Carolingia on state occasions. I will try to participate in as many Carolingian Events as possible.


5. I will fight for the glory and honor of Carolingia whenever possible and will serve Carolingia against her foes in times of war.


6. I will strive to be an example of courtesy and chivalry, bringing honor to Carolingia through my actions on the field and my behavior towards others both on and off the field.


7. It is my duty to organize the format of the competition for my replacement, and to ensure that it takes place about one year after my selection.


8. I will bear the trust of Carolingia, and any champions regalia with pride, and will conclude my service well.

Contact Information

•Autocrat: Andreiko Eferiev

•Chatelaine and Headmistress: Rosina von Schaffhausen

•Head Chef: Cassandra Grey of Lochleven




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