A Feast of Divine Proportions

September 12, 1509










In this year of 1509, the League of Cambrai has brought France, Spain, the Papal States, and the Holy Roman Empire to war against our Most Serene Republic of Venice.


Though it seems as if the whole of the Known World is at war against us, Venice has not lost its preeminence in the sciences and arts. Luca Pacioli has published his De divina proportione, the ultimate treatise on proportion and ratio in art and architecture. Illustrated by Leonardo da Vinci, this book will surely be remembered for 500 years.


To celebrate, the Doge has commanded a day of sciences and arts, classes and competition, dancing and entertaining, and a feast of divine proportions, to be held in his fair Barony of Carolingia on the feast day of Saint Autonomus.


The Doge extends his welcome to Venetians and travelers from all foreign lands and times prior to the year 1600. If you are new to our lands,  please visit the Newcomers page for more detailed information.


Festivities for the day will begin with classes in topics both various and sundry. Please contact our Headmistress if you have a class proposal. We are particularly looking for classes on history and the sciences, as well as classes geared toward children. A listing of current classes can be found on the Classes page.


A hearty dayboard will be provided to keep your minds keen throughout the day.


Opportunities to build, color, draw, hop scotch, and write will be available for children and their parents. There is also a school next door with a field and a playground.


His Excellency Jehan du Lac will be seeking a new Baronial Artist and will be taking petitions for his patronage in the great hall, the winner to be announced in court that day. Further information on being the Baronial Artists can be found on the Competition page.


Following Court will be an interlude of dance, showing off the finest dances of the Italian Peninsula and our guests from throughout the world.


And finally, a sumptuous feast of divine proportions will be consumed, with performances from i Sebastiani, the Quire of Carolingia, His Excellency's Fool, and perhaps even more. The menu can be seen on the Feast page.

Event Details

Needham Presbyterian Church
1458 Great Plain Avenue
Needham, MA 02492

Sept. 12, 2009



Site Opens


Classes held


A&S Competition Display & Judging


Dayboard served


Baronial Court




Feast with entertainment


Site Closes

Event Fees


$12 for adults
$6 for children

$36 family cap
Babes in arms may attend for free.

A $3 surcharge applies to all non-member adults.


Preregistration should be postmarked no later than September 1. Please include all legal names, societal names, and membership numbers; as well as a precise accounting of all funds in your preregistration letter. Please email the autocrat if you are attending so there is food for you.


Feast is $12. Preregistration should be postmarked no later than September 1. Space is limited, early preregistration is encouraged. Children with small appetites are half price ($6). There will be space off-board for those who wish to see the evening’s entertainments but choose not to partake of the feast.

Send Reservations to:

Feast of Divine Proportions
c/o Gregory Stuart Pettigrew
9 Geraldine Drive
Wellesley, MA 02481

Make checks payable to: SCA Inc - Barony of Carolingia

Contact Information

•Autocrat: Andreiko Eferiev

•Chatelaine and Headmistress: Rosina von Schaffhausen

•Head Chef: Cassandra Grey of Lochleven




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